Guys on Dating Apps Love Holding Big Fish

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A strange phenomenon popping up all over dating apps: dudes holding fish.

For some reason, men across the country love to flood their online dating profiles with pictures of themselves showing off their big catches.

It might not sound that bizarre, but wait till you see tons of these photos side by side. The tumblr page Men With Huge Cods shows screenshots from dating apps of guy after guy after guy falling victim to the fishy fad.

Our own Kevin Roth has even shared a similar fishy photo. However, it was not on a dating app, but on Facebook. He’s off the market, people!

kevin fish


We’re not saying there’s anything particularly wrong with taking and sharing your fish photos, but considering the fact that there’s an entire tumblr account dedicated to ridiculing guys, fellas, it may be time to lay off a bit.

Also, if anyone can explain this trend, please let us know.