Make Your Clothes Work for the Office and Out on the Town

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We've all been there.

You make dinner plans, but don't have enough time to go home and change from boring office attire to something more social.

Fashion stylist Nikki Hurd has some ways you can spice up your work wardrobe that will make you ready for the rest of your day, too!

Palazzo pants can be very versatile, so when you're at the office throw on a blazer to keep it professional. When it's time to go out with the girls, you can throw the blazer out and replace it with some nice accessories such as sunglasses and a head wrap.

Outfit 1 Outfit 2

Another thing you can do is dress up that little black dress of yours with a blazer to keep it appropriate for the workplace. When the clock strikes 5, let your hair down, switch purses, and take off the blazer so your little black dress can breathe a little.

Outfit 3 Outfit 4

Lastly, have some fun with your office gear. Try patterned pants for work so when you're ready to leave for happy hour, you can keep the fun going and add some denim to your wardrobe to make it a little more casual. You can even add a cross body bag to really make it a relaxed look.

Outfit 5 Outfit 6

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