Fashion Trends for Plus Size Women

Women come in all shapes and sizes and they shouldn't be reduced to that frumpy section of a department store. Fashion Stylist Nikki Hurd is here to show you what trends are in this season and how to look stylish as a plus size woman.

Don't know what you can wear with those distressed jeans just sitting in the closet? Pair them with a long vest. Also, no matter what size you are, a great off-the-shoulder top looks good on anyone. If you're a lady with some curves don't be afraid of getting a bodycon dress. Show off those curves! Don't be afraid to wear a leather jacket with a pencil skirt either. It'll give you an edge and show you mean business!

We also have Brynne Huffman who was body shamed in public. According to Today, while waiting in line at a UPS store, Huffman was just chatting with other customers when a lady behind her complimented her hair but immediately afterwards added, "you should rethink those shorts." She couldn't believe her ears, but instead of lashing out she quietly completed her transaction and left.

Since then Brynne has been on a mission to effect change! She started a Facebook page called "The Body You Have" with the slogan "Celebrate each other. Every day." In the short amount of time since the Facebook page was set up, women have poured in waves to support Huffman, with one woman saying she hasn't bought a pair of shorts in 20 years... until now.