Dashcam Video Captures Highway Pileup, Dramatic Rescue After Car Catches Fire

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – The mayor of Binghamton, New York shared dramatic dashcam video on Facebook of a pileup on a Binghamton highway and the brave actions of bystanders in the immediate aftermath.

The crash happened around 4:30 p.m. on August 25 on Route 17 in Binghamton.

The video shows the moment of the crash on Route 17. Then, one of the cars involved burst into flames. Bystanders jumped into action, helping to extinguish the flames and rescue the driver.

“In a time of crisis, these brave individuals navigated through flames and broken glass to save a stranger’s life,” Binghamton Mayor Rich David wrote.

According to the mayor, no one was killed in the 10-vehicle crash, and the woman in the burning car only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Ten people were taken to the hospital. Two of them suffered serious injuries, but were expected to survive, WBNG reported.

The mayor said they are attempting to identify the people in the video to recognize them for their efforts.

“On behalf of our entire community, I commend these unsung heroes as well as our local police, fire and EMS first responders. Binghamton is safer because of you,” he wrote.

A tractor trailer involved in the wreck had faulty brakes, according to WBNG. The driver of that tractor trailer, Allen R. Kirkpatrick, 74, of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, was cited for operating an out of service vehicle.

Officials said the cause of the crash remained under investigation, but it was believed traffic congestion in a construction zone was a factor.

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