Woman Reunited with Lost Tortoise and Boy Raises Money for a New K-9

Sometimes, it seems like there's nothing but depressing news out there, and that's why we've found these stories for you...

The search is over for Emily Switzer, a Missouri woman who lost her 10 year-old, 45-lb pet tortoise name Totoro. He had been missing for almost two weeks. After searching for days with no sign of Totoro, FOX2 reports Dan Fenwald found the missing tortoise in his garage.

"We fed it some celery, I figured he hadn't drank anything in awhile," said Fenwald. "I finally got the nerve to be able to pick it up because I hadn't touched it before. And I just moved it to the backyard and he just started moving around and got more comfortable with his surroundings."

After a few phone calls, Emily was reunited with her hard-shelled friend, saying, "I didn't have a single person tell me, 'Oh he's just a tortoise. Oh who cares.' Everybody was super supportive."

More good news

A young boy helped the Green Bay police get a new K-9 after their former K-9, "Cops," died from serious medical problems.

Officer Derek Wiklund told WBAY, "It takes a long time for police dogs to learn the job and to figure what we want to do with them. And that's what's so devastating. 'Cops' was just getting to the dog that we needed him to be, he was getting to be in the prime of his life and now obviously he will never reach that potential".

That's when 7 year-old Ethan Enum decided to help.

"When he heard that the dog died we were gonna raise some money to get a new dog for them," said Enum. He started a GoFundMe page and raised $520 to help pay for a new K-9.

See?  There's good news everywhere. You just have to know where to look.