Interview with Neel Sethi, Star of the New Live Action ‘Jungle Book’

Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli in the new, star-studded, live action version of "The Jungle Book," never intended to be an actor.  While in a dance class, his teacher told him about an audition he should go on.

Of course he did go on that audition and was cast as Mowgli, sending him from dance class one day to playing football and eating lobster rolls with Bill Murray the next.

Making the transition even more challenging was the shooting style of the movie.  Normal sets weren't used; most of the production was done on giant blue screens, leaving Neel, often, the only real thing in the scene.

And while he is recognized on the streets and asked for his autograph, he says his friends still treat him the same as they did before he became a movie star.

What's next for Neel?  Well, he says there IS talk of a sequel to "The Jungle Book"...and he wants to be a part of it.