Kenny G Wants to Collaborate with Beyoncé

Instrumental music's biggest star and arguably one of the best saxophone players of all time, Kenny G, still has plenty of things he'd like to accomplish.

And what's near the top of that list?

Working with Beyoncé.

Eye Opener's Laila Muhammad got the chance to sit down with the man himself, who's in the middle of a national tour. As it turns out, she has quite a personal connection with his music.

Laila's parents are huge fans, so she grew up listening to Kenny G. His music helped created many great childhood memories for Laila but for others, it inspired them to play. "Some people started playing sax, because they heard me play sax," said Kenny G.

His music also inspired some other memorable moments for people. "Some people use my music for certain things that they describe that I can't describe on this show."


He's talking "baby making," as Laila put it.

And speaking of new additions, Kenny G told us that in about six months he should have another album out. If he has his way, perhaps Beyoncé will grace a few tracks or ask him to collaborate.

"Beyoncé, I'm waiting for her to call me. My sax lends itself well to one of her tunes, and if she wants to drag me on to the Grammy's and have me onstage with her, well I guess I would force myself to do that."


But he doesn't really need Beyoncé. The man's been in the music scene forever and doesn't plan on going away anytime soon. And get this, Kenny G still practices his sax three hours a day and attributes that to his staying power and success. He even graced us with a demo of him practicing scales, a rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and a little taste of the fan-favorite song "Silhouette" that had Laila tearing up.

Kenny G is currently touring around the US until the end of the year. Check out his website for tour dates and more.