Scientists Researching Strange Signals from Outer Space

An international team of scientists from SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) are investigating some mysterious signal spikes from a 6.3 billion-year-old star in the Hercules constellation system, 95 light years away from our own planet Earth.

Which is pretty dang far, considering that one light year is 5.878 trillion miles away.

Some think this strange occurrence could mean that there is a more advanced civilization out there. According to CNN, SETI is examining this radio signal and it’s star, HD 164595, in hopes of understanding its origins. According to some theories, if this signal isn't of natural occurrence, it could mean there's an alien race out there with the ability or technology to harness the entirety of a star’s energy and in this case, a star with the power of a sun.

So are there really aliens out there?

According to a scientist from SETI, probably not. While there could be advanced life forms and civilizations somewhere in space, the cause of these signals might just be some sort of interference or objects appearing larger than they actually are due to gravitational lensing. There also haven't been any repeat instances of the signal spikes since discovering them back in May of 2015.

For now, they’re just going to observe this phenomenon from afar so if there are extraterrestrials out there, we’ll be ready to make contact.