Shooting Down Drones Can Get You 20 Years in Prison

Personal drones were one of the hottest items during the 2015 holiday season. And it seems like every day, there are more and more drones being flown by regular, everyday people.

Also, it seems like there are more and more stories about drones being shot down by people who don't appreciate their airspace being violated.

Take Jennifer Youngman, a 65-year-old Virginia woman who was on her porch cleaning two shotguns after church. She told the Fauquier Times when she heard the buzzing of a drone, she waited for it to fly over the trees on her property and "blasted it to smithereens.”

Then there's William Merideth. He shot down a drone he thought was spying on family and got taken to court over it, but as WDRB reported, the judge threw out the charges. However, technically it is very illegal to shoot down drones.

Drones are classified as civilian aircraft and under Title 18 of the US Code, section 32 says you can get up to 20 years in prison for shooting down a drone.

If you are a drone owner, be careful, because it seems people just won't stop shooting them down. If you feel like taking out a pesky drone, remember, it's against the law. For now.