Emeril Says He Ate a Reindeer Heart on His New Show ‘Eat The World’

World famous chef Emeril Lagasse, the "Bam!" man himself, has a new show streaming on Amazon called "Eat The World."

Neeha Curtis got the chance to talk with him about what audiences should expect and Emeril said you'll get to witness his worldwide tour of culture and food alongside some of his amazing chef friends.

Once he reached out to his pals, they decided which country they wanted to visit together. Mario Batali met up with Emeril in China, Jose Andres in Spain, Nancy Silverton in Italy, Aaron Sanchez in Cuba, Marcus Samuelsson in Sweden and Danny Bowien in Korea. Emeril's adventures in eating the world took him from dumpling contests in Shanghai to a surprisingly delicious reindeer heart in Sweden.

It's great to watch as Emeril and friends interact with the local people and see how great food is made all around the world.

"My philosophy has been if you can understand the culture and understand the people, you can understand the food," said Emeril.

"Eat the World: with Emeril Lagasse" is streaming on Amazon right now.