Meg Ryan Says She’ll Never Both Direct and Act Again

Meg Ryan is making her directorial debut with the World War 2 film, "Ithaca."  It will be the first time since "Sleepless In Seattle" and "You've Got Mail" that she is reunited with her friend and co-star Tom Hanks on screen. Hilary Kennedy got a chance to ask her a few questions about her upcoming film, set to release in theaters September 9, 2016.

It's your directorial debut - what inspired you to direct this film?

I love the book. It's based on a William Saroyan novel called "The Human Comedy." And it's a very simple story about complicated things. It's the beginning of World War 2. You've got a boy who's turning fourteen and he's a telegram deliverer and every telegram he delivers changes his life a little bit.

What was it like to direct and act?

At first they suggested I do it and I thought, "OK," because it would be simpler, it's one less person to cast, one less actor to figure out and I could just do it. But, honestly, I'd never do it again because you have to shift your perspective so much between being this kind of like grieving widow in the early part of the 1940's to being someone who is into micromanaging a film set.

You also directed your son, Jack, in this movie. What was that like?

He has a small part in the movie. He plays one of the - I have three sons in the film. And he's adorable. A lot of his friends are in the movie, a lot of my friends are in the movie - the whole movie is all favors. 

And that's what people are talking about - is you and Tom Hanks being reunited - because we all love seeing you two together. What was that like working with him again?

I hate to burst the bubble but he just came in and did us a huge favor. He played this little part, a significant part, but a little one. You know, he's just adorable to be around and a lot of fun and so smart and so great - so professional.

Now that you have directed one film do you plan on doing it again or what's next for you?

I hope so. You know, I have the bug. I didn't really have it before I did this, you know, and while you're in the middle of it you think, "Oh my God, why would I ever do this again? It's just so hard!" But, it's a collaborative effort and you get to conduct all those different artists and that was really the best part.

To check out the trailer for "Ithaca" head over to the official movie site.