‘Restaurant Impossible’ Chef Robert Irvine Is Getting His Own Talk Show

September 8, 2016 | Updated: 2:12 p.m., September 8, 2016

“Restaurant Impossible”s Chef Robert Irvine is leaving the drama in the kitchen and tackling the conflict of everyday lives.

If you've watched "Restaurant Impossible" you know that he gives a lot of tough love.

"If we remove the restaurant and keep families, then we’ve got the resolution of the conflict," Chef Irvine told Eye Opener. "It’s exciting to me to get into peoples lives, listen to their problems, and find solutions to those problems."

And he’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to solve those problems. In one episode a husband is unhappy with his wife's weight and goes so far as to call her "pork chop".  Robert gets the man in a plank position, has him hold it, and piles plates of pork chops on his back.

Whatever issue people have, Irvine wants to face it head on and find real change.  On the show he says, "We’ve got weight, obesity.  We’ve got fitness.  We’ve got marriages, kids, all those things we think are conflict, and we’re attacking them all on the show.”

So what makes Irvine feel qualified as a chef to give life advice?  He says his military and experience goes a long way.  “I think the military gives us the tools to identify the problems and give those solutions by clarity and thinking”


As sensational some of the stories may be, like one woman who confesses to stealing sperm, or another man with multiple DUI's who almost fights an audience member, Irvine believes an audience can relate saying, "No matter what I tackle on the show, it relates to somebody out there in the real world with the same or similar issues. I’m excited that I really do get a chance to give real solutions to real problems, of real people.”

The Robert Irvine shows premiers on the CW September 12th.