These Mints Will Help Fix Your Dog’s Stinky Breath

There are few things as awesome as playing with a puppy... until it jumps up, licks your face, and you get a whiff of that nasty doggie breath. Your pooch can't help it, so why not help your pooch?

There's a product called Woof Mints that promises to help freshen up your dog's breath quickly and easily. Simply feed your dog one mint in the morning and one in the evening and after 7 days, your Wolf Mints says your dog will have fresh, kissable breath.

And guess what? It actually works. Oliver Tull put it to the test and found that it helped his dog, Princess Peanut McButter the III, have way better breath.

Of course, no dog likes eating pills, so simply hide it in their regular food, peanut butter, or a piece of cheese.  Before you know it, your dog will be begging to take their pills.