Does this Breathalyzer App Really Work? We Put it to the Test

With football season upon us, there could be times you'll find yourself at a friend's house, relaxing, having fun, and possibly knocking back a couple of beers. But after a couple hours, you can lose track of just how many you've had and be too drunk to legally drive home on your own.

So, how can you make sure you don't need to call an Uber? Well, that's where BACtrack Mobile comes in. This handheld device syncs through bluetooth to your iPhone and promises to analyze your breath and read your blood alcohol content, or BAC.

The device is portable and comes with extra mouthpieces, allowing you to test your friends and family so everyone can stay safe.

Of course, this isn't 100% scientifically accurate and it won't get you out of a DUI, so remember to stay safe and drink responsibly.