How to Get the Perfect Profile Pic for Dating Apps

It’s been said that a picture says a thousands words and that’s especially true on dating apps. If you’re looking for that special someone, listen up to what says are the best ways to get that perfect profile pic.

Remember, it’s all about you and not the duck face girl in the bikini shaking her thing. Cosmo says avoid those racy pics, unless you’re looking for a quick hookup, and start thinking about the quality of your matches. Take a pic that shows who you are, but it doesn’t hurt to flirt with the camera.

Cosmo also points out that making eye contact is a powerful draw for guys and a great smile goes a long way.  So, look into the camera, and try to do that smile you make when someone attractive makes you laugh.

Make sure your photo is clear and you’re in focus. Don’t go artsy or black and white. Simply get a well lit shot of you being you.

Show a full body photo if possible. It doesn’t have to be your first image, but Cosmo says a recent head to toe picture will show people exactly what they’re getting into. The more honest you are, the better chance you have of snagging something real.

Avoid group pics. Even if it’s your second or third pic on your profile, people want to go on a date with you, not your entourage. If you have a group shot, make sure you’re prominent in the pic or on the left side, because that’s where our eyes go first.

Here’s to happy snapping and getting that profile pic on point.