Oktoberfest Officially Kicks Off This Weekend

This year, the 183rd Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany starts on September 17 and runs through October 3rd.  Here in the USA, there are many cities holding their own Oktoberfest at the same time — so you don’t have to grab an intercontinental flight in order to celebrate!  But what can you expect at a traditional Oktoberfest?

Well, first off: beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  But besides that, you can expect some hearty and filling food with plenty of pork and protein, lots of dancing, games (like beer barrel rolling), and polka music.

But the main ingredient to enjoying Oktoberfest: fun.  Just get out there, get some German culture, and enjoy your day.

For an Oktoberfest in your area hit up the links below.

Addison Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Houston

Oktoberfest at Brauhaus Schmitz

District Oktoberfest

Oaks Park Oktoberfest

Bierstube Oktoberfest

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