Why Oktoberfest Beer Is The Best You’ll Have

September 16, 2016 | Updated: 8:01 a.m., September 16, 2016

The world famous celebration of beer and culture, Oktoberfest, is going strong in Germany.  But, if you can't hop a plane a go halfway across the world, there are local Oktoberfests all across the country.  We went to one of the most authentic in Addison, TX; and as much as we like the fun, festivities and culture, we know that beer is king at Oktoberfest.

EO Meteorologist Kevin Roth got the real story of Bavarian beer from John Slaughter, Paulaner USA Region Manager.  John says the first Oktoberfest got going in 1810 when the Bavarian king wanted to throw a party for his son's wedding.

"They've kept that party going for 216 years," John said.

Oktoberfest Officially Kicks Off This Weekend

Oktoberfest may also be birthplace of food safety.

"They had the first ever food safety law  in 1516," John told us. "It's called reinheitsgebot."

The law basically said you can only use four ingredients to make beer: water, hops, malt and yeast.  But what makes Oktoberfest and Bavarian beers so great isn't all the fancy ingredients-- it's the skills of the brew masters.


John even showed Kevin the proper way to drink.  You get your beer in a 1 liter stein called a masskrug, make eye contact with your buddy, tap your steins and exclaim, "Prost!"  For an Oktoberfest in your area hit up the links below.

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