Video Shows Dog Saving Cat from Plastic Bag

A video of a cat with a plastic bag on its head is going viral.. again.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube more than a year ago, but a recent GIF of the video has made its way to the top of Reddit.

It shows a cat struggling to exist inside a plastic baggie when a dog comes out of nowhere and removes the bag with one gentle tug.

Aren’t dogs great?

If you want to see the whole thing, check out the video below. Just a heads up (see what we did there), it’s mainly just the cat flopping around with a bag on its head for the first couple of minutes.

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  • Nerak Notlim

    What kind of a human would actually let this poor cat walk around like this, while filming, for almost 3 minutes? Can I put a bag on the human’s stupid head? And for the record, ALL animals are great. Not just “dogs.” Hideous video. Just hideous.

  • sharon

    The cat can could have been injured, backing into all that junk ! Why not help the cat instead of filming, filming, filming ? And then the dog is on a rope ??