Kylie Minogue Is a Cougar–Meet Her 27-year-old Boyfriend

Joshua Sasse is the undeniably good-looking star of the new CW comedy “No Tomorrow.”

If he looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him photographed on the red carpet with his much-older fiancée, Kylie Minogue. With twenty years difference between them, this romance has gotten the world’s attention.

So when Eye Opener's Hilary Kennedy was in Vancouver, she had the chance to chat with Joshua on the set of “No Tomorrow" and got the scoop on how he woos his lady.

Is there something romantic you like to do?
We're pretty oldie people. We just sorta sit and cuddle.

Do you ever read her poetry?
Yeah, yeah of course. Every morning and every evening I'll read her a different kind of poem. Sometimes she'll find it pretty boring and she's like "ah f--- not again."

Romance is in Joshua’s blood; his father was a poet, which explains why you’ll find his social media posts are almost always poems and thought provoking quotes.


So you share a lot of poetry on your social media, is there a poem you recommend to the fans?
If they haven't read "If" by Rudyard Kipling, that's just I think one of the best poems ever written.

When he isn’t spending time with Kylie or his new rescue pup, Joshua is on location all over the world shooting new projects.

What's the hardest thing about being away from home when you're shooting?
The time difference is pretty hard because you know when you're waking up they're going to bed. That's brutal. And phones are not good communicators. I write a lot of letters so most of my days are spent writing letters. Not being around your friends is hard.


And if you’re wondering how he got that rock solid body? He makes some hefty sacrifices. But hey, totally worth it, right?

There is a bar scene, in the show, where you end up basically naked...what do you do to keep in shape?
I'm literally in the gym three hours a day.

Really? Is there a favorite thing you do?
Half of it's diet to be honest. No sugar, loads of broccoli, chicken, and beans and things like that.

That sounds super exciting...haha!
It's super not exciting and it's pretty intense especially if you got like a 7 o'clock start and you're in the gym at 5.