Patrick Stewart Talks Season 2 of ‘Blunt Talk’ and What It Was Like Being in Drag

Legendary actor, Sir Patrick Stewart has made many marks in the world of film, theater, and television and his show Blunt Talk was a wild success. Back for a second season, we got to chat with about the new season and what it was like being in drag.

Do people still come up to you and called you Captain Picard or Professor X?
I think they’ll be saying that around my coffin. The only time I really acknowledge it is when, in the streets, people will “hey captain, how you doing?” I quite like being called captain.

What made you decide to do a comedy show?
There are two people who have to take responsibility for this new phase of my career, Seth MacFarlane and Ricky Gervais. Both of these jobs just lead to me getting more and more offers of comedy.

For people who haven’t seen Blunt Talk, what is it about?
Walter Blunt is a journalist who has a nightly cable news show coming out of Los Angeles. He is a journalist who wants to make a better United States. However, he has certain aspects of his personality and behavior which are at time a little out of control, a little excessive.

What was it like being in drag on the show?
Please understand that almost every English actor alive yearns to be in a dress but it had never happen to me ever and I have been doing this job now for over 55 years. But finally, I got into very high heels and a very fetching kinda shocking pink dress…and I loved every single moment of it. I feel in a sense now that my career is complete.

Do you feel sympathy for the ladies out there who have to wear them all day?
Oh my lord, it was the only problem that I encounter. I had four inch heels and they wanted to put in platform but I drew the line at that.