Sheryl Crow Talks Surviving Breast Cancer and New Music Coming Soon

Sheryl Crow is a nine-time Grammy Award winner and a breast cancer survivor. She's now opening up about what it was like like to go through it and how she fought and beat breast cancer. Here's what she had to say.

Can you tell us your personal battle with breast cancer and how it changed your life?
Yes, I was diagnosed ten years ago, I'm happy to say I am cancer-free. My cancer was detected very early, stage one, from a routine mammogram.

What advice do you have for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer?
Well first an foremost I would say even before the diagnosis, arm yourself with as much information as you can. Since I was diagnosed, there now have been advances made in technology and the Genius 3D mammogram can detect cancer even fifteen months earlier and that gives us great hope because early detection at the five year mark basically means a hundred percent cure rate. As far as being diagnosed, I always tell women to please try and keep their life as normal as possible even though you have this diagnosis.

You're also a mom and Nashville is now home for you, tell us about this new phase of your life and what you do when you're not on stage.
Well I actually moved to Nashville ten years ago. In fact I moved about two weeks after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was crazy, completely cuckoo for cocoa pops. And I decided I want to be near my family and Nashville's about three hours from where I grew up, and my family's located very near, kind of all around Nashville. A year after I went through breast cancer treatment, my first little boy came along. He's now nine years old and I have a six year old. I'm finishing two records right now, one of which is very collaborative with good friends like Stevie Nicks and Keith Richards and Willie Nelson and people like that on it and then the other one is just a standard Sheryl Crow record and they will be coming out soon. And what else? I am going on a boy scout trip in a couple weeks so, you know, just trying to keep it all real.