This Man Cut Off His Junk & Fed it to an Alligator

TAVARES, FL — We would say, “the balls of this guy!” But a dude in Florida doesn’t have any because he cut off his testicles and fed them to an alligator.

We. Can’t. Make. This. Stuff. Up.

FLORIDA EVERGLADES, FL - UNDATED: *** EXCLUSIVE *** American Alligator pictured at Everglades National Park, Florida. These spectacularly close up alligator pictures were taken by a wildlife photographer brave enough to jump in a lake swarming with the wild reptiles. Jim Abernethy, 52, from Florida even literally played snap with one of the beasts- which he nicknamed, Fluffy- by mimicking the way alligators square up to each other in the wild. While totally submerged in a lake in the wild marshland of the Florida everglades Jim raised his arm above the water like an alligator would raise its jaws to provoke Fluffy into opening his mouth for the "killer shot." Luckily for Jim the 200 pound snapper did not choose to clamp her razor sharp teeth on his arm. Jim was also able to get heart stopping pictures of the amphibious hunters looming from the deep. Alligators are at their most unpredictable and dangerous while underwater. (Photo by James Abernethy / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

Florida man cuts off testicles, feeds them to gator

According to 52-year-old Frank Canfield’s girlfriend, they’d been smoking crystal meth for five days when Canfield flipped out, grabbed a knife, then pulled down his pants.

Yeah, you gotta be high to try some mess like this, right?!

“Remarkably, he seemed quite calm as he began cutting. I was the one screaming and begging him to stop,” the woman told Boston Leader.

Well, he didn’t listen and chopped his junk off!

Cops say they have surveillance video of Canfield jumping over a fence and flinging his genitals at a gator in a nearby canal. And that gator quickly devoured them.

Ouch. Wow. Ew.

Canfield survived and is in critical condition.

If he’s smart, he’ll never touch meth again.

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