One Mom Threw Away Her Kids’ Toys, Says it’s the Key to a Happy Home

October 4, 2016 | Updated: 1:06 p.m., December 27, 2016

29-year-old Allie Casazza of Fayetteville, Arkansas says throwing away most of her kids toys saved her marriage, her family, and even helped her save money.

"All the excess in your home, all the stuff, just the clutter, you don't realize that it's directly tied to your level of stress," Casazza told Eye Opener. "When you remove all that, you just become a lighter person.

"I started with the toys and moved through the rest of the house," Casazza told Eye Opener.

By purging the excess stuff, Allie Casazza says she became a more present wife and a more intentional mother.

So how did her kids feel about their mom throwing out all their toys?

"I was a little worried," said Casazza.


But that morning, her kids came down the stairs for breakfast and her daughter's first response was gratitude. She thanked her mom for cleaning up her room.

Casazza says before decluttering, she was drowning in tasks, chores, and so much stuff that she couldn't even enjoy her kids because she was always just trying to catch up.

Now living minimal and decluttered has become a part of the Casazza family's lifestyle.

Casazza even offers a coaching service to help others who may want to take a step in the direction of decluttering.