Check Out These 60 Sexy Flight Attendants From Around The Globe

He is known as "The Fly Guy," an international flight attendant who got an idea to gather all the sexiest crew selfies from around the world onto one website. Since then he has received thousands of submissions.

His name is Jay Robert and Kevin Roth had a chance to sit down and interview him.

About four years ago Jay realized there was no central meeting place for the cabin crews around the world. So he created a network utilizing his website and Facebook and he now has over 600,000 followers-- and it is growing.

And it's not just for people in the airline industry-- it's for everyone. Jay says visitors are welcome and get an insight into the daily lives of flight crews from all over the world.

Jay says the submission policy is very strict and every photo is used with the submitter's approval. He says the majority of the pictures come from his Instagram where people use the hashtag #crewfie. Jay takes notice and posts them to his Facebook. He waits to see which ones get the most "likes" and buzz then submits those to a panel of judges, including himself.

Jay says, "We went through the list and decided which ones we thought represented our profession the best, when it comes to grooming and image."


When asked what is next, Jay says he might consider doing a "sexiest pilots" list. He finds a lot of pilots submitting photos now. For more information head on over to Jay's website.