Missing Kim Kardashian West on Social Media

This is the least of Kim Kardashian West her followers have ever seen.

It’s been more than a week since the reality star was robbed at gunpoint in Paris and she’s maintaining a social media blackout as the investigation continues.

Police have suggested Kardashian West’s prolific social posting about her life and wealth may have attracted the robbers in the multi-million dollar heist.

She documented her time in Paris, from getting a facial to visiting fashion shows, meticulously. Kardashian West’s last postings on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram came hours before her ordeal.

But since returning to the States, the star has been socially silent.

And the absence has been noticed by some who are eagerly awaiting her return.

That hasn’t stopped paparazzi from pursuing her and some fans have noticed a change in her look and attitude.

One recent photo showed the fashionable and media friendly star covered up in a hoodie while rushing her daughter North to a waiting vehicle

Kardashian West is not the only one to be more low key these days. Several members of her family took time off social media as well, though most have now resumed posting.

After abandoning a New York City concert to rush to her side, husband Kanye West has since continued his tour set to end on November 1.


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