Watch Someone Destroy This Woman’s Bowl of Pasta Right Before She Takes Perfect Photo

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. As annoying as it is, we’ve all lusted over a dish so much that you take out your phone in the middle of a restaurant and snap a photo to savor the memory of the meal forever.

Okay, more like to brag on Facebook and Instagram about your fabulous lifestyle.

Either way, one person is now being called a hero for going where no one has dared go before.

In a GIF posted on Reddit with the caption “Look at this hero,” you see a woman getting ready to take a photo of her lovely bowl of pasta. Right as the flash goes off, the person across from her, who also appears to be the one videoing the whole thing, takes a fork and quickly scrambles the pasta and sauce into a big mess.

The people of Reddit seemed to LOVE this act of rebellion against the ever-popular foodie photo.


If you’re going to take a photo of your food, make sure it’s not just a bowl of spaghetti and be aware of who else is at the table.