Special Preview of Billy Bob Thornton’s New Show ‘Goliath’ on Amazon

Billy Bob Thornton has been seen gracing the big screen for quite some time, but rarely does he do television gigs.

He hit it big with season one of "Fargo" back in 2014 and now he's moving on to a newer venture into the online world of television with the new Amazon series "Goliath."

"Goliath" is a legal drama about a down-and-out lawyer, played by Thornton, as he attempts to seek redemption. His character, Billy McBride, used to be one of the best attorney's in Los Angeles, but has since become a shell of his former self.

"It comes by it's title, honestly," Thornton told Eye Opener. "It's about the little guy against the big system...against the corporation and I think that's pretty timely right now. There's a big discussion about that in America right now."

"Goliath" isn't Thornton's only big project coming out this year. The very popular movie, "Bad Santa," has a sequel hitting theaters in a few months.


"We always kinda knew we would make a sequel," said Thornton. "We just weren't sure when. There's a lot of politics involved and red tape and everything.:

When asked about the high profiled relationships he keeps with him (we withheld mention of one particular Angelina Jolie), Thornton said, "It can be a challenge because it puts you apart a lot, but at the same time you're both in the same business and sometimes it may be a benefit that at least you both know what you're up to. I think sometimes the scrutiny in the press can put weight on a relationship."

Goliath premieres on Amazon October 14th.