Jerry Springer Takes On The Electoral College

December 20, 2016 | Updated: 7:49 a.m., December 20, 2016

Here at Eye Opener we have a weekly segment called "Springer Spotlight" where we chat with Jerry Springer about the week's hot topics. This week's subject of interest is the electoral college.

As we all know Trump beat Hillary in the presidential elections this year with the electoral vote but not the popular vote-- a very rare occurrence in presidential history.

"Majority of Americans think that the electoral college shouldn't vote for him because Hillary beat him by about 3 million votes nationwide and that the electoral college ought to reflect the will of the people," Jerry said.

On Monday, the electoral college stood firm on their decision and Trump is now the official 45th President of the United States.

Floating around the internet is the idea that if you take California out of the equation, Trump would have won the election.

"The fact is, that's where most Americans live except for Texas. California is ten percent of the American population."


"The American way is the person that gets the most votes wins," Jerry argued. "Now we come to the president and that's not the case."

So maybe we get rid of the electoral college altogether?

"Well if you were starting the country over, of course we'd do that. It makes no sense anymore to have an electoral college," said Jerry. "Why wouldn't you want the people to be able to choose their own president?"


"The only way you can get [the electoral college] out is by amending the Constitution. That takes the vote of three quarters of the state legislatures in America. You're not gonna get three quarters of the state legislatures to vote for the change because most of the states are smaller states. And those states love the electoral college because it gives them a greater voice than the big states have."