This Tom Cruise Movie Trailer Without Sound Effects Is Painfully Awkward

In case you didn’t hear, “The Mummy” is coming back as a reboot by Universal Pictures.

When someone at Universal recently uploaded the IMAX trailer of the new Tom Cruise movie (scheduled for release in 2017,) they forgot one important thing: sound effects.

The video was quickly taken down, but not before a fast-acting internet user downloaded it. The sans SFX trailer is painfully awkward to watch.

The Verge reports this isn’t the first time this has happened. As Twitter user Nick Horowitz pointed out: last year the BBC aired a clip from 2015’s Everest that featured no sound effects over the actors’ voices. The result, without the dramatic music and slippy-slidey sounds we’d expect in such a movie, made the daring mountaintop rescue shown on screen sound like a lazy conversation between some particularly grunty friends. At least in the Mummy trailer, the music returns at the end — just in time for Tom to jump through an exploding London bus and to promise that evil undead princess magic is real.