Currently Listening: Julie Bergan, Only Yours, MAAD

This first popstar is from Norway. Julie Bergan started making waves back in 2013 when her song got selected for the Eurovision Song Contest. She’s now working on an album and will start touring soon. Here’s her latest single “Arigato.”

This next indie-pop band comes from Toronto, Canada. Only Yours started out experimenting with electronica but after getting into their grove their sound changed. They recently got signed to record label Pirates Blend. Check out their latest single, “Different.”

This next artist is bringing back some 90s nostalgia. Maad is still trying to break into the music scene and being based in New York City is a great start! Her sound is a throwback to the days of Usher and TLC. Here’s her newest single “90s Love.”

That’s all the music for this week’s Currently Listening but head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you’re currently listening to.