How To Beat The Holiday Blues

As 2016 draws to a close and we say goodbye to the holiday season, we have to be careful not to come down with a bad case of post-holiday blues. After a couple months of family get-togethers, dinners, shopping, traveling and the like – having it all STOP can cause you to crash. 

Luckily, Greatist has some ideas on how to kick you post-holiday blues.

First off: unplug. You might have had a vacation, but chances are you were still on Facebook, Twitter, answering emails, texts, and otherwise still plugged-in. This information overload can actually cause anxiety, envy, and even depression. So, put the phone down, turn off the tablet, and get some nice, tech-free quiet time. Your brain will thank you.

Next up, eat better. One of the prerequisites for a successful holiday season seems to be feast-level meals. And while sitting to a nice, bountiful meal with family IS nice, it can also spike your insulin levels – causing a more drastic crash later. THAT'S why Gramp-Gramps is always passed out in the chair after Thanksgiving dinner. To counteract this in January, simply move your diet back to one filled with healthy foods.

Also, keep busy. January can seem like a desolate wasteland of social activity compared to the non-stop barrage of get-togethers from Thanksgiving through New Year's. So, counteract that by scheduling some events in January to keep yourself busy and out with others.

Finally, never forget to cut yourself some slack. If you make a New Year's resolution, don't expect to accomplish it, 100%, immediately. Take your time adjusting to the new year and just keep at your goals, one baby step at a time.