How To Update Your Closet Like A Celebrity

Fashion stylist Laurie Graham stopped by the Eye Opener studio Friday to show us how to update our closet like a celebrity for a fashionable 2017.

5 Steps to Creating Your Dream Closet:

Donate or consign every single thing in your closet that you have not worn in 2 years! Jewelry, clothing, handbags, hats, shoes … all of it.
It’s the 80/20 rule:  We only wear 20% of what we own 80% of the time, so get rid of the ill-fitting clothing that you’re not wearing anyway.

What To Wear This Holiday No Matter The Occassion

Space Saving Products! After you’ve cleaned out the excess, it’s time to thin out your closet with space saving hangers like “Huggable Hangers”.

Display all of your shoes where you can see them in your closet. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.  Throw away all your shoe boxes that take up space & hide your shoes from plain view.

Jewelry organizers:  Most people have way too many accessories that they aren’t wearing. If you don’t love it, don’t keep it. I like these clear jewelry stands and drawer organizers so you can see what you have in a glance. It will take hours off your dressing time each day!


Make a list of any missing holes that you find. Low on a great fitting pair of jeans? Write it down. Do you keep finding you need a brown belt for numerous outfits? Add it to the list. That way, you can take the money you made from selling your clothes at consignment and buy the exact “wow factor” items you could really use!