4 Weight Loss Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on Track

The number one resolution for this year (and quite possibly every year) is to lose weight in 2017. It's an easy enough idea right? Well if you're one of those weight loss resolution-er then listen up! nutritionist and author of "Fast and Fabulous Fat Loss," Fiona Kirk has a few tips for you to stay the course.

1. Exercise early in the morning
This one might be a toughie! If you're like me, getting up in the morning and being on time to work is such a chore already so waking up even earlier to workout is almost impossible. However! If you can just squeeze in a little bit of exercise than it will boost your metabolism and fat burning enzymes for quite a while. That's right, not just during your workout but it will carry over for many hours after you've cooled down. The best case scenario would be, you workout a little at a time and as the weeks go on your workout increases. By the end of the year you'll meet your goals!

2. Eat breakfast only if you are hungry
Now we've all heard this time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There aren't any proven studies that say it is the most important meal of the day but there hasn't been any that refute that either. So what do you do? Only eat breakfast if you wake up and you're hungry, otherwise don't force yourself to eat a meal you don't want to eat. The most important meal of the day is what you make it. If you are someone who can't focus or walk out the door without having breakfast first then by all means eat breakfast but a good rule of thumb for breakfast is eat more protein-rich foods and avoid starchy items. This will better get you through your day and will keep your energy from taking a dip.

3. Determine when your energy dips occur
Speaking of energy dips, if you know when this will happen then you will know how to combat it. Like your routine of brushing your teeth or making a bowel movement, if your diet is pretty regular you'll be very cognizant of when your energy dips will occur during the day. It may not be exact but if you can get a gauge on when then you can combat it. How do you combat those down turns in energy? If you know when you're going to "dip" then eat a small little snack before it happens. Do this and the dip is avoided.

4. Do not fear fats
Everyone is scared of fats these days and I'm sure you noticed by now that the fat-free section is just as big as the fat enriched section. Well don't be scared of fats, work them right and they can actually help you in your weight loss. I know that sounds super contradictory, eat fats to lose weight...but hear me out. I'm not telling you to go out and consume a ton of fat products because fat is good for you, everything in moderation of course...so get off the phone with the pizza delivery guy but a little butter on your toast or some cream in your coffee is perfectly okay. Fats are an essential part of your dietary needs. They're good for brain, bone, hormone, and skin health.

For more information of how you can loss weight and look fabulous, pick up a copy of Fiona Kirk's book "Fast and Fabulous Fat Loss."