Jerry Springer: ‘Now More Than Ever, Take Care Of Yourself And Each Other’

Jerry Springer guest-hosted Eye Opener TV Friday. Before the show ended, he left us with a "Final Thought."  Springer's iconic end-of-show wrap up is usually about the love triangles or reveals of infidelity on his show. But he went a little deeper Friday, and touched on the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump.  Below is the full transcript:

Eye Opener is a fun show. It’s been great to be a part of it this morning, and every week.

It’s always good to wake up every morning and laugh. And we need that… because America is divided.

We’re about to swear in a president who lost the popular vote by millions of people. A man who was the product of reality television. Whose sole appeal was his rudeness and his braggadocio. The kid in the back of the class who would say outrageous things. You knew that wasn’t appropriate, and was wrong, but you were giggling and laughing, and you knew you weren’t going to get in trouble for it.

Jerry Springer Takes On The Electoral College

But he is the product of our electoral system, as flawed as it is.

Americans should not lose sight in the fact that, even though our country is divided—the world is even more divided. We have been blessed with luck to have been born here, or to have at least ended up here.

Thank goodness we’re not in the middle of Syria as that country grips with a 6-year civil war. Be thankful we’re not in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. We’re in America.


And whether or not you agree with the politics of Donald Trump, the next president of the United States, know that there is one thing that binds us together in unity: Whether we’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic, native American, gay, straight, bisexual, male, female, transgender, democrat, republican, rich, poor, or a former guest on my show—We’re all Americans.

Now is the time to celebrate our successes as a country, and keep a critical close eye on our government— no matter our leader.

Now, more than ever, take care of yourself and each other.