John Edward Discovered Psychic Abilities While Trying to Prove Another Psychic Wrong

Famed psychic and medium John Edward, author of "Crossing Over," has help thousands of people connect to loved ones on the other side.

Edward is now embarking on a new national tour to reach even more. Eye Opener's Laila Muhammad caught up with Edward to talk about the new tour and we even learned a little bit about his past and how he discovered his gift.

As it turns out, he was determined to prove another psychic wrong.

"I was a sarcastic sophomore in high school that was going to prove to my mother and my grandmother and the rest of the people that were having psychics come to the house that this was not real and that this person would not be able to read for me," Edward told Eye Opener.

Edward says he sought out to debunk her, but she actually ended up being the one who helped put him on his path.

Nearly 25 years later Edward has turned that gift into a full-time job. His readings take place face to face, over the phone and even via Skype.  He then advises on how to evolve through the messages he receives and helps people understand what brought them to that point in their lives.


Although Edward says he has the ability to look into other people’s lives, he explained that will not tap into someone's energy without their knowledge or permission.

As we begin 2017, Edward encourages everyone to respect where other people are at in their life journey. Although we may think we know more than someone else, we don’t know always understand where they are coming from and he encourages mutual respect regarding everyone's beliefs.

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