MythBusters Makeover: New Season Gets Competitive

Fans of the show MythBusters were shocked when they found out Season 14 will be the last season of the beloved television series. H

However, there's a new MythBusters show premiering on the Science Channel January 7th called MythBusters: The Search.

The show is getting a slight reality show face lift but the core of what made MythBusters a hit is still intact. MythBusters: The Search will still revolve around breaking down old wives tales and events from Hollywood films. This time, instead of two science guys, they are going to pit a a big group of science nerds against each other to figure out who will be the next MythBusters.

Hosted by the editor of Nerdist and certified science geek, Kyle Hill, will help pick the next batch of MythBusters.

Check out our interview with Kyle above and mark your calendars for the new show.