Can You Tell The Difference Between All These Non-Dairy Milks?

Nut milk sales continue to surge, and it’s hurting the cow’s milk industry. For instance, almond milk has seen a 250% increase in sales over a five year period, while good ol’ “makes a body good” cow juice saw a reduction in sales of 7% in 2015, according to Nielson data.

With all these non-dairy alternatives, including new seed (and even pea) milks, milk manufacturers are now trying to get the use of the word “milk” regulated.

While dairy milk still dominates the market, there are plenty of other new non-dairy kids on the block hacking away at its popularity.

Roni Proter from stopped by Eye Opener TV to see if we could guess the difference between soy, almond, pecan, cashew, flax, hemp, pea, coconut and cow milks. Could you?