Where Should You Order Roses for Valentine’s Day?

The big holiday for love is coming up and maybe you're stumped as to where you should go for roses. Before you get in a frenzy here are some tips for buying flowers for your loved ones.

Tip 1: Don’t procrastinate! Surprisingly many people wait until February 13 to buy their flowers and by then prices will have spiked to almost triple their original amount.

Tip 2: Roses aren’t the only flowers you can get, there are plenty of others that are just as beautiful and are probably much cheaper…just make sure you give the flower shop enough time to stock them.

Tip 3: If you can, avoid shipping. It’s not the best for your flowers and because they’re perishable they tend to get shipped last minute…adding to the high cost.

Tip 4: Buy your flowers locally and early. You can save money this way and it will be fresher. Plus, you get to pick out your own arrangement.

Tip 5: If you really hate planning ahead, your local supermarket will have great options also. Many supermarkets buy directly from growers so they are your freshest alternative. Just remember to go a few days before Valentine’s Day.


If you must order online, we went ahead tested a few national flower shops by ordering a dozen roses to see which one gives you the best bang for your bucks.

We picked 3 national floral shops: ProFlowers, 1-800-Flowers, and Teleflora. Many of the prices were pretty similar in range with Teleflora being the highest of them all but the perk of costing you the extra $10-$15 is that Teleflora is sent to you from a local florist already assembled whereas ProFlower and 1-800-Flowers ships the roses to you in a box in which you would have to assemble the flowers yourself.

The dozen roses from all three places arrived on time but both ProFlowers and 1-800-Flowers' roses were a less than stellar. ProFlowers had a bud missing and petals already shedding and 1-800-Flowers' roses haven't opened and they looked kind of wilty but Teleflora's roses looked pristine.

The next day saw ProFlowers' roses pretty dead (maybe we just received a bad batch or it wasn't shipped correctly) and 1-800iFlowers' roses actually bloomed a little bit. Teleflora's stayed pretty much the same as when we received it.

In a statement from ProFlowers about their services, they said:
If any ProFlowers customer is unsatisfied with their ProFlowers order for any reason, we will replace it or refund. That is our policy 365 days/year and what our business and world-class quality reputation is built on. All ProFlowers bouquets are backed by a 7-Day Freshness 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
ProFlowers takes tremendous pride in providing the best service to our valued customers. We are recognized time and time again as having the highest customer satisfaction rates among online flower companies. Truly, our mission is to delight our customers – and we do whatever it takes to accomplish that.
With flowers, as with any perishable product, there are occasional issues. We have dedicated customer service representatives in place to resolve any of these issues to our customers’ satisfaction in line with our guarantees. We have taken the initiative to send you a replacement bouquet. 
ProFlowers has delivered more than 60 million bouquets since our inception on Valentine’s Day in 1998, and we will never compromise on your flower's freshness or longevity. Customer service for ProFlowers can be reached at 800-580-2913.


And 1-800iFlowers said:
At 1-800-Flowers.com, we are very focused on our #1 product, our customer experience.  We pride ourselves in offering our customers an array of truly original floral gifts, either hand-crafted, designed and delivered by a professional local florist or beautiful fresh blooms sent directly to the recipient in a gift box.  As always, our caring team is committed to helping our customers act on their thoughtfulness and deliver smiles.

This is what Teleflora had to say:
Teleflora prides itself in working hand-in-hand with more than 11,000 local florists around the country. Because of this, every Teleflora bouquet is hand-made with love and hand-delivered by a local florist in your neighborhood, which ensures a beautiful floral arrangement that arrives ready to enjoy and features the freshest blooms available in your area.