Wedding Dos, Don’ts, and Everything in Between

Wedding season is right around the corner and if you're anything like me, you have a billion to go to this year. Sometimes it gets a little confusing to what the rules are on say gifts, or whether it's appropriate to post a picture the day of the wedding.

We sat down with etiquette expert and founder of bell'INVITO Stationers, Heather Wiese Alexander to pick her brain on what the right thing to do when attending or planning a wedding.

The first tip is for the bride and groom, when it comes to picking your wedding location keep your guests in mind. A beach wedding sounds great on paper, but if you really want grandma and grandpa to attend then you really have to consider if you want them to walk really far across sand just to get to your wedding spot. And speaking of locations, also make sure that when choosing locations, your guest aren't spending most of their time traveling. You really want your guests to enjoy your wedding.

Here's another tip for the happy couples...don't tell people where you're registered for gifts. Yes, you spent so much time negotiating and filling out that registration list and you just want to tell everyone...fight the urge. That's a job for the bridesmaids, groomsman, friends, and everyone else to get the word out.

With big weddings comes many parties to attend. Do you bring gifts to all of them? If you're a part of the wedding party, then usually as a bridesmaid or groomsman, you guys pull your resources together to get the bride or the groom a gift. That's in addition to a wedding gift but if you're just a guest and you get invited to a wedding shower, or the bachelor/bachelorette parties, and the wedding gift is all your need to give and the bride and groom shouldn't expect otherwise.

Lastly, we live in a heavy social media world and sometimes it's not appropriate to post a picture of the bride walking down the aisle immediately after you snapped it. Also, many weddings these days have a specific hashtag that the bride and groom want you to use so they can see your pictures. If there is a hashtag, then you have free reign to post pictures using that hashtag. The couple wants to see pictures from other people's perspective. However, if you don't see a hashtag, wait until you see a post from the bride and/or groom before you post anything to your Instagram or Facebook. Many weddings these days are also unplugged, meaning the couple doesn't want anyone other than the hired photographer to snap pictures.

Head over to bell'INVITO's website for more tips and advice on etiquette.