Rufio Will Make A ‘Hook’ Prequel

Lifetime fans of the 90's movie “Hook” may choose to overlook the fact that it was technically less than stellar. However, none of us will soon forget the aggressive mohawked boy who sailed through the air while his lost disciples chanted, “Ru-fi-oooooooooo!”

Now, it looks like the real life Rufio will revive his character in a new short film called “Bangarang.”

I know what you’re thinking — we’ve seen it. How about some original content, please? But Dante Basco — who played Rufio in the Stephen Spielberg movie — isn’t planning just another reboot. Instead, he wants to create a prequel to “Hook” that’s centered around his old character’s origins.

Basco is seeking $30,000 via a Kickstarter campaign to tell the story of Rufio—a 13-year-old Filipino boy in Los Angeles who was abandoned by his mother—and how he came came to Neverland.

The Kickstarter page differentiates the film from other reboots, saying: “Sure, it draws off a popular studio film, and billion dollar property (Peter Pan), but the key for us is that this movie is a social commentary on the current world climate.”

According to the film’s writer and producer, Jonah Feingold, Rufio’s two best friends will be a “cool Jamaican kid named Jalani” and a “smart firecracker Latina girl named Ella.”


How many people want to see a “Hook” prequel? So far: a lot. The campaign, which is open until Mar. 14, has reached its goal: At the time of writing, people had already donated $43,207.


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