The Company Responsible for Giving Sean Spicer Some Swag

The Trump administration has been accused of not investing in their appearance. The President himself has been caught committing many fashion offenses, with one even incorporating scotch tape.

The internet has been especially harsh on Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s fashion faux pas. An ill-fitting suit at his first press briefing prompted concerned citizens to launch a GoFundMe page to help him get a new suit.

That's where Jacomo Hakim comes in. He has made a lucrative living off of selling suits from the trunk of his car….sort of.

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"This is a product that literally 9.9 out of 10 men need it," said Hakim.

Hakim is the brains behind BookATailor, a New York based custom clothing company that brings affordable, personalized fittings for high end suits and shirts right to your door.

The business model: a fleet of smart cars and tech-centric showrooms, has launched a bunch of franchises across the country. His mission is to break the myth of tailored attire being reserved only for the rich.


According to Hakim, "today for the modern day man, the most important thing is the fit and how they look in it. You don't need a million dollars to look like a million dollars."

Now back to Spicer. After a quick two minute fitting, Sean Spicer’s measurements were sent off to the company’s Thailand production facility and within four days, the results came in. A more fitted, stylish and confident Spicer emerged at his next press briefing. A quick fix and small investment that will pay off down the road.