‘Underground’s’ Aisha Hinds On Playing Harriet Tubman

WGN America’s “Underground” depicts the journey of American heroes and their harrowing journey to freedom with the legendary Harriet Tubman blazing the trail as the Civil War looms on the horizon.

Eye Opener’s Hilary Kennedy sat down with “Underground” director Anthony Hemingway and actress Aisha Hinds who plays Harriet Tubman.

Hemingway admits when he read the first line of the script he was blown away.  The story  was so much better than he had even dreamed.  Hemingway directs season 2, which premiers March 8th on WGN America.

Hinds says she never thought of herself being apart of the second season.  She says she was a super fan of the show, but was blown away when they asked her to join the second season playing the powerful Harriet Tubman.  Hinds says Tubman lived a full life and did things that weren’t supposed to be possible.

WGN America’s New Thriller “Underground”

Hemingway and Hinds both agree viewers will learn things about Tubman in the second season that nobody ever knew before.