Celebrate ‘National Cereal Day’ With The Cereal Snob

Tuesday, March 7 is "National Cereal Day."  And what better way to celebrate than to spend the morning with "The Cereal Snob" himself, Thomas Hicks!

With 27 years of cereal experience, Hicks reviews all the hottest new cereals hitting grocery store shelves; and he holds nothing back.

Hicks says taste is the most important part of a good cereal.  He says the smell, flavor of the milk afterwards and the ultimate sogginess of the cereal are also important factors in determining the breakfast food's worthiness.

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is a Real Thing and Happening Soon!

He recently reviewed Girl Scout's Caramel Crunch and was left feeling unsatisfied. Hicks loves the new Frosted Cinnamon Flakes though.

Watch the video above to see Oliver and Hicks try the brand new Very Berry Cheerios live on the air for the first time.