Meet the Woman Who Got an Eyebrow Transplant

WARNING: Some of the images in this story may be difficult for some to see. 

Imagine waking up and having no eyebrows. It’s the reality for many women and—believe it or not—men. There aren’t any hard numbers on how common this is, but if you Google “Eyebrows falling out” over 800,000 results come back.

Causes can range from over plucking, to street, to hormone changes or poor diet.

Microblading Is The Newest Trend To Get Your Eyebrows On Fleek

Eye Opener told you a few weeks ago about the new trend called “Microblading,” that basically tattoos eyebrows under your existing eyebrows to make them look more full.

But one woman, fitness expert Marzia Prince, went all-in for a full eyebrow transplant! She joined us live in the Eye Opener studio Tuesday to talk about her procedure.

Her journey began five years ago when she was getting a laser treatment on her face. That's when she said the laser technician went over her eyebrows. They were burned off and never grew back.


"I tried many over-the-counter products to try and get them to grow back, but they never did," Marzia said.

After five years, and a lot of research, Marzia decided to go under the knife for a full eyebrow transplant.

You can hear more of Marzia's story and learn about the procedure in the video above.

There are risks involved with any type of surgery, and you should go over them in detail with your doctor before undergoing any procedure.