H&R Block Shares What You Need to Know Before the Tax Deadline

The tax deadline is fast approaching but if you haven't filed yet, it's not too late to get them done the right way.

Eye Opener's Allyn Hoang met up with senior tax professional Angela Williams from H&R Block to learn what you should know before filing your 2016 tax return.

Williams says if you feel comfortable you can file your return yourself, but the complexities of life such as getting married or having a child can make things tricky and it is best to hire an H&R Block professional.

Williams says when choosing the right tax professional you want someone who has continued on with their education.  You want a pro who follows the tax code and has a strong backing in reference to guaranteeing their work for you.

When filing your tax return Williams says the most commonly overlooked benefit is itemizing.  She says personal property, real estate, medical expenses and casualty loss can build up to save you hundreds.

The most common mistake when people make when filing their tax return is selecting the wrong tax filing status.  By doing this you affect your credit and deduction eligibility.


April 18th is the tax filing deadline.  Williams says you must file your taxes completely or file an extension by this date.  H&R Block can help you set an arrangement or set installments if you owe the IRS.

Williams reminds people this is the last year to file for you 2013 tax return.  The IRS has reported that there are 1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds.

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