Coachella 2017 Styles to Look Out For

Coachella is here and if you're one of the lucky few who is going to the music fest and can't decide on what to wear, we got you covered. Alyson Johnson, co-owner of Ester Penn, has three looks that are sure to turn some head.

These looks aren't just for Coachella, you can wear them well through the spring and summer season!

Maxi Dress

Quite a staple of the outdoor fun, you can't go wrong with a flowy maxi dress. It's comfortable and this one has a breathable back so you won't be too hot while basking in the sun. This particular one is a wrap so you can wear it by itself or with another outfit underneath. The options are endless.

Rocker Chic

This one combines the best of both worlds, bohemian meets rocker girl. The matching off the shoulder crop top and loose fitted pants compliment the contrast of the bandana and fiddler hat. Without the accessories, it's still a cute outfit but add the hat and bandana and you're Coachella ready.

90s Gal

The 90s are still in full swing so get ready to see a lot of denim, on and off the stage. If you're going to wear a simple colored dress than pairing it with a distressed denim jacket is a great fit. Also, fringe is totally in style so accessorize with a fringe sling bag and a wide brimmed fedora and you're definitely ready to rock out!