Scientists Discover Giant Black Sea Worm Worthy of Nightmares

YouTube/Before It's News

It’s name is Kuphus polythalamia and it will eat your soul.

Just kidding. But it sure looks like it could.

I know, know. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover and I’m sure this thing has a very lovely personality, but if I can’t fall asleep tonight, this is why.

Scientists at Northeastern University made the recent discovery in the Philippines.

The creature lives its life in a baseball bat sized tube that resembles a tusk and stays mostly buried in the mud at the bottom of the sea, according to The Guardian.

It’s diets consists mainly of rotted wood, and while it looks like a serpent, the Kuphus polythalamia is actually a type of clam with the tube-like casing being its shell.

Check out the video where scientists carefully unmask their new discovery for the first time.