Eye Opener’s ‘Alien: Covenant’ Movie Review

"Alien: Covenant," is the eighth and lastest film in the Alien Franchise. Directed by Ridley Scott, creator of the original Alien, the new film picks up 10 years after the previous film, “Prometheus,” ended.

“Prometheus” – the odd-one out in the alien universe – was the only film to jettison the heavy horror and action of the previous films, comics, and video games – and go for some big-idea sci-fi like how we got here and where we belong in the greater scheme of things while showing off with some of the most gorgeous cinematography and production design of any movie…ever.

But it didn't have the Alien...and that's what people wanted. So, Sir Ridley decided to go all-in with the infamous xenomorph, as well as some new creatures, in “Alien: Covenant” where you get to see it in all its glory, in broad daylight...and that's kind of the problem.

Like Batman, the Alien works best in the shadows, building tension and revealing little until its too late for the ill-fated characters. That isn't the case here. This movie has the alien in it, sure, but is more like “Prometheus” in form, which leaves the film feeling just a bit...off. It's like he tried to take what people liked best from “Alien” and “Prometheus” and jam them together.

And it works. Kinda. For the most part.

At 122 minutes, the movie actually feels a bit rushed. However, the entire cast does the most with the little time they have; all characters have clear motivation and are all played well – with Danny McBride turning in a surprisingly moving performance. The standout, though, is Michael Fassbender, reviving his role as the android David, while also playing a new android, Walter. This is HIS movie, plain and simple.


All this said, “Alien: Covenant” is NOT a bad film. It's enjoyable, with some classic moments and good set pieces, but overall, it feels like a feature-length second act to a larger story. So, with all that, we give it a grade of, See It In The Theater. It's a fun time and worth the money.