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  • Straight Men Admit to Cuddling With and Kissing Their Best Friends

    GREAT BRITAIN — Ladies, does your beau have a bromance with his bff? Well if you’re not sure, you might want to check to see if your man is staying true because your bf and his bff could be cuddle buddies! A study published in “Sex Roles: A Journal of Research” asked a handful of straight college guys what they really get up to with their besties, and all but one of them said the occasional spooning isn’t the only […]

  • Man Suing Grindr After Ex Sends 1,100 Strangers to His Home and Job

    NEW YORK — Dating is hard enough as it is, especially in a big city! For one guy,┬áit just got a whole lot harder. Matthew Herrick, a model and actor in New York, is having some issues with his dating life. His ex-boyfriend has allegedly been creating fake Grindr accounts with Herrick’s pictures, specs, and even some flat out lies as a part of some elaborate revenge scheme. One lie being he’s HIV positive. That doesn’t seem to stop the […]