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  • This Robotic Dummy Is Changing The Game Of Football

    The MVP Drive from Rogers Athletic is a mobile dummy that offers a safer method for practicing live tackling against a moving target.  Eye Opener’s Kevin Roth met up with Rogers Athletic to try it out! Kevin McLeod the GM of Rogers Athletic explained the MVP Drive is a concept that was created at Dartmouth and eventually adapted for all levels. In youth football, 53% of all injuries and 46% of all concussions occured during practice. The most common mechanism […]

  • Spring Clean Your Closet By Consigning

    Spring is here, and if you are like most people you need to clear some of the clutter from your closet. Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff met up with Chrissy Sayare, the owner of luxury consignment boutique To Be Continued  for some tips on consigning and freshening up your look for spring. Chrissy always recommends bringing a friend over when spring cleaning your closet.  She says a true friend will tell you if something is outdated.  They will also help you create new looks […]

  • Ranchers Remain Incredibly Resilient In The Wake of Devastating Heartland Wildfires

    GLEN ROSE, TX — The wildfires that ravaged Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado killing seven people and thousands of cattle may be over, but a powerful new story is emerging. Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff met up with Kaylin Schimpf and Terry Starnes, two Texas ranchers who dropped everything to help their fellow ranchers across the country. Schimpf says to a lot of these people the most important thing was trying to save the cattle that God blessed them to be the stewards […]

  • Ranchers Display Heroism As They Fight Wildfires

    Seven states including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Colorado have been battling wildfires across rural counties that have killed seven and forced thousands to lose their homes and in many cases their livelihoods. Some farmers, ranchers and rural residents from Kansas have lost up to 90% of their cattle herds.  The Kansas Livestock Association’s Todd Domer told Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff  this is an exceptional tragedy in more ways than one. “They’ve lost a lot of resources.  A considerable amount of […]

  • Celebrate ‘National Cereal Day’ With The Cereal Snob

    Tuesday, March 7 is “National Cereal Day.”  And what better way to celebrate than to spend the morning with “The Cereal Snob” himself, Thomas Hicks! With 27 years of cereal experience, Hicks reviews all the hottest new cereals hitting grocery store shelves; and he holds nothing back. Hicks says taste is the most important part of a good cereal.  He says the smell, flavor of the milk afterwards and the ultimate sogginess of the cereal are also important factors in determining […]

  • ‘Underground’ Stars Talk About Romance and Series-Inspired Memes

    WGN America’s “Underground” depicts the journey of American heroes and their harrowing journey to freedom with the legendary Harriet Tubman blazing the trail as the Civil War looms on the horizon. Eye Opener’s Hilary Kennedy sat down with “Underground” stars Jurnee Smollett-Bell who plays Rosalee and Aldis Hodge who plays Noah. The stars dished on how the storylines will evolve in season two and what can be expected for their characters romance. Smollett-Bell says you will definitely see the two characters […]

  • ‘Underground’s’ Aisha Hinds On Playing Harriet Tubman

    WGN America’s “Underground” depicts the journey of American heroes and their harrowing journey to freedom with the legendary Harriet Tubman blazing the trail as the Civil War looms on the horizon. Eye Opener’s Hilary Kennedy sat down with “Underground” director Anthony Hemingway and actress Aisha Hinds who plays Harriet Tubman. Hemingway admits when he read the first line of the script he was blown away.  The story  was so much better than he had even dreamed.  Hemingway directs season 2, […]

  • Aromatherapy Sleep Solutions Based On Your Personality

    It’s “Sleep Week” on Eye Opener! Courtenay DeHoff met up with registered aromatherapist Michelle Bardwell to discuss aromatherapy solutions for getting a better night’s sleep. Bardwell, a French trained aromatherapist and fixture in the international aromatherapy community, says essential oils are the perfect way to relax. In order to get the biggest sleep benefits from essential oils, one must first understand the chemical families of the essential oils according to Bardwell. By determining your temperament you can utilize the chart above to decide […]

  • Gadget Expert Dishes On Wearable Sleep Trackers

    Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation, this week discussed wearable sleep trackers with Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff. Greenberg says when it comes to wearable devices that track your sleep he believes there are benefits, but your results should be taken with a grain of salt. He says it’s much like checking your odometer to see if your car is running properly. The odometer shows you real information, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture. Research like the experiment referenced […]